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Hearing Loss and the Workplace

There are a number of avenues where hearing loss and the workplace go hand in hand. The most common association is for those who work around noise and have permanent changes to their hearing status as a result. However, as the average age of workers is increasing, addressing hearing loss as part of the workplace … Continue reading Hearing Loss and the Workplace

Save Your Ears – Wear Hearing Protection!

In honor of “Better Hearing Month”, we want to discuss how to save your ears from noise damage. Although hearing loss as a result of noise exposure is very common in individuals of all ages, it is 100% preventable. However, once hearing loss is acquired it is permanent and irreversible.

I Don’t Have a Hearing Loss, Why Do I Need an Audiologist? Part 2 – Musician Plugs

To summarize Part 1, we discussed the importance of regular hearing tests by an Audiologist for prevention and early detection of hearing loss. We also talked about custom noise protection as it is our most popular specialty mold for hearing loss prevention (if you missed it you can find it below on our blog). However, that … Continue reading I Don’t Have a Hearing Loss, Why Do I Need an Audiologist? Part 2 – Musician Plugs

Ear Wax vs The Cotton Swab!

  Ear wax, what most would like to rid of, is actually good stuff (in moderation)! Our body produces wax to help protect us. Wax, technically known as cerumen, moves out of the ear naturally and by doing this it helps clean our ear. In addition to being a cleanser, wax has a number of … Continue reading Ear Wax vs The Cotton Swab!


Have you ever left a concert or club and heard a ringing in your ears? Well, that ringing sound is called tinnitus. Tinnitus, is actually, the perception of a ringing, roaring or hissing sound in your head or ears and it can be temporary or permanent.  Tinnitus is usually related to some kind of hearing … Continue reading Tinnitus

Myths About Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is a sign of aging and only impacts “old people” Hearing loss affects all ages; you can be born with hearing loss or the onset can occur at any age. You are especially at risk of having an early onset hearing loss if you have a family history of hearing loss or if … Continue reading Myths About Hearing Loss