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How to Choose the Right Hearing Aids for You

Do you think you need hearing aids? What’s the next step? There are many different options available when it comes to hearing aids and the decision can be overwhelming. There is no one size fits all solution. When one of our audiologists makes a hearing aid recommendation, they are taking different factors in to consideration … Continue reading 

Holiday Greetings

Our warmest wishes for a happy holiday season. Here are some tips and tricks to make communication easier for you or a loved one during the holiday season. Be upfront about your hearing loss Let people know you have a hearing loss Ask people to speak slow and clear Pick a strategic seat At the … Continue reading 

COVID-19 Update

In compliance with the Nova Scotia State of Emergency and recommendations from the Nova Scotia Chief Medical Officer, The Hearing Specialists clinics will remain closed for this period. We will reopen when given the ok from government officials. During this time, we will be checking our voicemail and email regularly. If you are having issues … Continue reading 

What to Expect with Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are a game changer for people who, in many cases, have spent years struggling to hear. Treating a hearing loss improves your ability to engage with others and enjoy the “listening pleasures” of life… music, a good joke, or the birds chirping in the morning (spring is on its way, right?). But getting … Continue reading 

New Year, Better Hearing

New year resolutions often have to do with having a happier, healthier lifestyle. Things like going to the gym, eating nutritious meals, or making more time for family and friends are usually top of the list. In 2019, why not add improving your hearing health to that list of resolutions! In most people, hearing declines … Continue reading 

Happy Holidays

It’s that time of year again… The lights are up, the sweets are baked, and our hearing aid batteries are on sale! Our team is gearing up for the holidays and would like to welcome you all in for a checkup to make sure you’re hearing your best for the parties and family gatherings to … Continue reading 

Hearing Aid Life Expectancy and Maintenance

Hearing aid expectations in terms of hearing ability are often discussed but the expectations for hearing aid care and maintenance are sometimes overlooked. Hearing aids have an average life expectancy of 5 years. Even if they were sitting unused for 5 + years that does not mean they are like “new”. If you were to … Continue reading 

The Trouble with Background Noise

The most common issue for people with hearing loss is trouble hearing in background noise. Whether it’s struggling to hear in a noisy restaurant, or problems following a conversation with a group of people, background noise creates some challenges. First, the changes in your hearing system that cause a hearing loss can also lead to … Continue reading 

Commonly Asked Questions: Hearing loss and Hearing Aid Use

Since May is Better Hearing month, we thought we would address some of our most frequently asked questions about hearing loss and hearing aid use. 1. What is my percentage of hearing loss? Most audiologists do not describe hearing loss in terms of a percentage. Hearing loss is typically different at every pitch making it … Continue reading 

Hearing Well This Festive Season

The festive season is in full swing, and for the team at The Hearing Specialists, that means helping our patients communicate and celebrate with their families during this special time. With parties, family dinners and lots of Bing Crosby playing in the background, your hearing system is really put to the test. These environments are … Continue reading