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Let’s Celebrate Better Hearing Month

May is Better Hearing Month, which means it’s time to celebrate all the reasons to keep your hearing system healthy! Every day, we get to help patients protect, preserve and promote their hearing, and we thought we’d share some of the things that motivate our patients to hear well. “I’m tired of doing the smile … Continue reading 

Commonly Asked Questions: Hearing loss and Hearing Aid Use

Since May is Better Hearing month, we thought we would address some of our most frequently asked questions about hearing loss and hearing aid use. 1. What is my percentage of hearing loss? Most audiologists do not describe hearing loss in terms of a percentage. Hearing loss is typically different at every pitch making it … Continue reading 

Meet Jenifer

For those of our patients who haven’t yet met our newest Audiologist, we are happy to introduce Jenifer Bethune. She has been with us since March 2018 and has joined our team for the duration of Jenna’s maternity leave. She is seeing patients at our Elmsdale location Monday through Wednesday, and at our Upper Tantallon … Continue reading 

May is Better Hearing Month

If you have never had your hearing tested before, do it this month for Better Hearing Month. People neglect their hearing even though it’s one of our most important senses. Hearing connects us with our friends, our family and our world. If an individual does not have a hearing loss, they will not think to … Continue reading