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How to Protect your Hearing from Noise Damage

When we think about harmful noise levels that could damage our hearing most people think of gun shots, jet engines, or rock concerts. However, it is not only the loudness of the sound that could cause damage but also the amount of time you are exposed to it. Most people know that a brief, very … Continue reading 

Holiday Greetings

Our warmest wishes for a happy holiday season. Here are some tips and tricks to make communication easier for you or a loved one during the holiday season. Be upfront about your hearing loss Let people know you have a hearing loss Ask people to speak slow and clear Pick a strategic seat At the … Continue reading 

COVID-19 Update

In compliance with the Nova Scotia State of Emergency and recommendations from the Nova Scotia Chief Medical Officer, The Hearing Specialists clinics will remain closed for this period. We will reopen when given the ok from government officials. During this time, we will be checking our voicemail and email regularly. If you are having issues … Continue reading 

Assistive Listening Devices

With hearing loss, trouble hearing the sounds in your environment can be a safety concern. Hearing aids certainly improve this awareness during waking hours, while your hearing aids are on your ears, but some situations still present challenges and safety concerns. Assistive listening devices can help bridge this gap and improve independence. One of the … Continue reading 

Meet Jenifer

For those of our patients who haven’t yet met our newest Audiologist, we are happy to introduce Jenifer Bethune. She has been with us since March 2018 and has joined our team for the duration of Jenna’s maternity leave. She is seeing patients at our Elmsdale location Monday through Wednesday, and at our Upper Tantallon … Continue reading 

November is Falls Prevention Month

The risk of falls presents more issues than just a few scrapes and bruises. A fall can lead to increased social isolation, increased burden on caregivers and the health care system, and even increased risk for future falls. Given that Nova Scotia has an aging population, the risk of falls in older adults is a … Continue reading 

What You Need to Know About Sudden Hearing Loss

The experience of a sudden hearing loss can be very unsettling. In some cases, the loss is a result of something simple, like a wax build up or fluid behind the eardrum. In other cases, a sudden hearing loss can be something more serious in nature that needs rapid audiological and medical attention – this … Continue reading 

The Thick and Thin of Earwax

The old saying is true – you should never put anything smaller than your elbow in your ear. That means you, Q-tip users. They are doing you more harm than good. A small amount of wax in your ears is healthy. It has antibacterial and antifungal properties, and your canals are basically self-cleaning. Old wax … Continue reading 

Protect Your Hearing from Noise Damage

Have you ever gone home from a loud concert and felt you had trouble hearing for a few hours or noticed some ringing in your ear? If so, you likely experienced a temporary threshold shift – a brief reduction in hearing sensitivity resulting from loud noise exposure. Over time, noise damage can add up and … Continue reading 

Why Two Ears Are Better Than One

Being diagnosed with a hearing loss can come as quite a shock for some. In many cases, the often slow nature of hearing loss means many people are not aware of any problem. Once this diagnosis sinks in, some people are surprised once again when they hear they need two hearing aids, not one. While … Continue reading