I think before I tell you about my experience with LYRIC I should tell you about my experience with my hearing loss and hearing aids so you understand why the LYRIC was something I was so interested in to begin with. I am currently 27 years old and was first diagnosed as having a hearing loss when I was 19. I wasn’t shocked by the diagnosis as my mother has had a hearing loss and worn hearing aids since she was in her 20’s. I knew it was coming, it was in my genes.

Since my original diagnosis I have owned 3 different styles of hearing aids. My first pair were Completely in Canal (CIC’s) and they spent more time in their case than in my ears, the second pair were worn behind the ear and  I wore those about 50% of the time, and finally my Invisible in Canals (IIC’s) which I loved and wore all the time. Even though I had finally found a hearing aid that I didn’t mind wearing l was still frustrated with the need to constantly take them out to sleep and do physical activities where I was concerned about them getting wet or lost. That’s when the LYRIC caught my attention.

Deciding to invest in LYRIC is a big step. It is more expensive than traditional hearing aids because you get a new device implanted every couple months. Luckily LYRIC comes with a free 30 day trial so you can try it out and see if it’s the right choice for you. The first week was a little overwhelming for me. Sleeping was the worst. I was not used to hearing my husband’s snoring, the cars driving by, and my dogs walking around at night. Lyric has volume control, sleep mode, and off but I tried to not use those options. I got LYRIC because I wanted to hear everything, all the time.

I have been wearing the LYRIC for 3 months now and I can honestly say they have changed my life. My brain has adjusted to all the new sounds and experiences. I now have the closest thing to normal hearing I have had in years.  I wake up and I can hear. I go to bed and I can hear. I shower, workout, and everything else and I CAN HEAR! All the time! Not only are they completely effortless but the sound quality is so natural. Traditional hearing aids are great but even when they are perfectly adjusted you still know you are hearing through a hearing aid. With the LYRIC I honestly forget I even have them in. I feel like I don’t even have a hearing loss. I’m convinced that LYRIC is the right choice for me and my life style. No one even knows I have a hearing loss anymore and I can live my life like I don’t!

Tiffany Austin, Elmsdale N.S

I’ve been wearing hearing aids now for 43 years, yes years. During that time I’ve had audiologists from the Army to California, to Washington state, to British Columbia and Alberta. Now that I’m retired in Nova Scotia I had to search for a good company and Audiologist to deal with my disability. Without a doubt, Doctor Kim McCarthy is one of the best. The Hearing Specialists office, under her direction, has done an outstanding and professional job testing me, recommending new aids, and servicing them and my problems for the last three years. Having had dozens of aids and audiologists in the past, I can highly recommend Doctor McCarthy and her staff as one of the best.

Sincerely yours,
Richard Miller, Barton, Nova Scotia

For a long time, more than a decade, I strained to hear things. I thought it was the TV’s fault. That the TV was just foggy for audio. I also thought that people mumbled a lot. It was always stressful. Work was stressful, trying to hear my family was stressful, social settings were stressful. In the years of my hearing impairment I’d become a quite competent lip-reader and always tried to get myself close to who was speaking so I’d have a better chance of hearing most of what they said. It was a constant uphill battle. Both my parents had hearing impairment and in the later years of their lives, especially my mother, it was heart-breaking to see the isolation this caused her. I vowed that I would not let myself get that bad and finally worked up the courage to go to “The Hearing Specialists.” I was afraid. I was afraid to be told how much hearing loss I had, afraid it could not be fixed, afraid of the whole thing. It’s hard to describe what re-entry into “hearing” meant to me. The staff there were exceptional and incredibly supportive. They told me, “It won’t remove all stresses in your life (if only!) but not being able to hear will not be one of them.” I felt less tired at the end of each day. I felt less tense, less like I’d spent all day straining to hear. Sounds I’d not heard for years became part of my life again, an autumn leave blowing on the pavement, birds. I was shocked at all the birds! I said to my husband, “Have there always been t his many birds?” I love my hearing aids. I love them. I love hearing. I wear them every single day, I put my glasses on and my hearing aids. It was a huge liberation for me. I love hearing the soft voices of my grandchildren and the whispered talk of my clients who face difficult times in life. I urge any of you who struggle with hearing to go in and explore the world of hearing aids. Just go through the door. I’m happy to talk to anyone who would like to discuss my experience in more detail.

Kind regards,
Pamela Donoghue, pharmacist