Holiday Greetings

Our warmest wishes for a happy holiday season. Here are some tips and tricks to make communication easier for you or a loved one during the holiday season. Be upfront about your hearing loss Let people know you have a hearing loss Ask people to speak slow and clear Pick a strategic seat At the … Continue reading 

Reopening Monday June 8th, 2020

We are excited to say that we will be reopening and allowed to see patients again on Monday June 8th. We will not be back to our normal operations at this time. Under the guidance of our College and the Department of Health we will be restricted on what we do and who we see … Continue reading 

COVID-19 Update

In compliance with the Nova Scotia State of Emergency and recommendations from the Nova Scotia Chief Medical Officer, The Hearing Specialists clinics will remain closed for this period. We will reopen when given the ok from government officials. During this time, we will be checking our voicemail and email regularly. If you are having issues … Continue reading 

All About Earwax

Did you know that a small amount of wax in your ears is actually healthy? Earwax has antibacterial and antifungal properties, and it can help to prevent foreign bodies from entering your ear canal. Your ear canals are self-cleaning to a degree. The old wax is pushed out of your ear with new skin growth, … Continue reading 

The Importance of a Baseline Hearing Assessment

There’s a shocking statistic that the average wait time to have your hearing checked after you notice trouble hearing is seven years! As audiologists, we recommend a routine hearing assessment every one to two years to monitor your hearing health, but this monitoring should start long before you notice any difficulty. Here are some reasons … Continue reading 

Managing Listening Fatigue

December is often one of the busiest months of the year. Whether it’s prepping for company, keeping on top of holiday baking, or making an appearance at more parties than you can count, the festive season can be tiring. Add on the effort it takes to listen with a hearing loss, and you’re bound to … Continue reading 

Test Your Knowledge

How much do you know about your ears and hearing health? Take the quiz to find out! 1. The unit used to describe the volume of sound is the _________. 2. When listened to for 8 hours or more, sound at this level can damage your hearing. 3. The frequency, or pitch, of a sound … Continue reading 

Communicating with Someone with a Hearing Loss

Hearing loss presents many challenges for communication. Obviously, volume is an issue, but with properly programed hearing aids, volume can be corrected. Clarity is another issue – certain types of hearing loss can cause speech sounds to be distorted, meaning even with enough volume, the sound is not clear. Another problem is background noise – … Continue reading 

Hidden Hearing Loss

As we age, the ability to process sound in noisy environments often starts to decline. This can be from a gradual decline in hearing, often in the higher pitches. But for some people, their hearing in quiet settings is normal, but background noise presents a huge challenge. This is called hidden hearing loss, and more … Continue reading 

Prolong the Life of Your Hearing Aids

Like any piece of technology, how well you care for your hearing aids has a big effect on how long they will last. The average lifespan of a hearing aid is 5 years, but if you don’t keep up with routine maintenance, you often run into unnecessary issues and repairs. In some cases, you may … Continue reading