What to expect after you get your hearing aids

Congratulations on getting your new hearing aids! This is a big step and one that will have a positive impact on your life. Unfortunately, adjusting to wearing hearing aids is not quite as simple as getting used to a new pair of glasses. You should expect an adjustment period during which time your brain will relearn what sounds are important and what sounds it can tune out.

A few points to keep in mind when adjusting to hearing aids:

  • Hearing aids will not return your hearing back to normal but they will certainly help.
  • It is normal for your own voice to sound different.
  • If you can’t wear the hearing aids for the full day, wear them for a few hours to start and gradually increase the amount of time; keeping in mind the end goal is to wear them all day.
  • Practice using the hearing aids in different listening environments. The amplified sound will be much different in a quiet room versus a loud restaurant.
  • Also practice getting the hearing aids in and out of your ears properly. Proper insertion of the hearing aids will help you hear better and help to make sure the hearing aids don’t fall out.
  • Be patient with yourself.
  • Return to your hearing clinic if you have any questions or require adjustments.
  • Review the instruction booklet that came with your hearing aids to ensure you are properly caring for them.

The adjustment period can vary from person to person but you should notice that your ability to hear will improve over time as you get used to amplification. If you have any questions or concerns, one of our registered audiologists would be happy to chat with you.