What Happens After I Have a Hearing Test?

After having a diagnostic hearing test from a certified Audiologist, the next step would be to review your results. If your hearing is normal or if the loss is not significant enough for hearing aids, the Audiologist will explain the test to you and bring you back in two years to recheck your hearing.

If you do have a hearing loss, your Audiologist will first rule out medical treatment for your hearing loss. If medical treatment is not an option, and your hearing loss is significant enough to warrant a hearing aid, the Audiologist will discuss with you the different styles and options of hearing aids that best suit your lifestyle and listening needs. A hearing aid is a big lifestyle and financial decision so it is important that it is a choice you a ready for and that you understand and are comfortable with so the hearing aid does not end up in your dresser.

Once a hearing aid has been chosen, we will order in for you the style and colour you choose. We will then bring you back in a few days later when the hearing aid arrives in our clinic and program it specifically for your hearing loss and sound preferences. We will review how to clean it, put it in and take it out, change the battery and answer any questions you may have. After the first fitting of the hearing aid we will bring you back two more times in the next 30 days to make further adjustments based on how the hearing aid works in your ear and adjust for your particular listening needs.

Remember, if you aren’t happy with the way it fits, the sound, or anything else you need to contact your Audiologist as there are a number of adjustment and options available.